The Junk Liveaboards: “Simply The Best Liveaboard Experience in Thailand”

A small privately owned company offering : Amazing and unforgettable, yes these two words are in the top most used terms mentioned by our guests in our customer feedback.

The Junk Liveaboards was indeed founded and moulded to create a spectacular diving holiday and to ensure you experience “The best liveaboard in Thailand.”

Our liveaboard trips are truly both special and unique for a number of reasons.

The Vessels

Firstly, our two boats; The Junk and The Phinisi are traditional wooden hulled sailing vessels, offering an iconic, characteristic first impression. While The Phinisi was in fact purposefully built for divers, The Junk is originally a 1962 cargo vessel and has been converted into a beautiful liveaboard. This clearly sets them apart from your average Thai liveaboard boat. Once on board, you will find that our boats are spaciously laid out to accommodate 18 guests each, offering all amenities for divers.

A large dive deck with personal storage crates, and a separate rinsing tank for cameras, to name but a few. You will also find a comfortable indoor lounge, outdoor shaded seating spaces with bean bags as well as wooden benches & tables, plus a sundeck on each boat.


The safety of our guests is our main priority, which is why we use dinghies to transport divers to and from the dive sites. This benefits our guests’ safety in two ways:

  1. There is no chance of the big boat coming anywhere near the shallow dive sites and therefore possibly endangering ascending divers or damaging the reefs.
  2. During the dive, our dinghy drivers stay alert around the dive site so if any of the divers needs to come up early, they are safely picked up.


Food, food, glorious food. Our chefs will delight you with the tastiest Thai and Western dishes freshly prepared each day, they are pure magicians in their galley kitchens offering not only quality produce but also a wide variety of food 4 times a day. We cater to most dietary requirements; our vegan and vegetarian guests are also very well taken care of.


Our amazing crew on both boats are a tight-knit “family”, super friendly and professional. They are eager to welcome you onboard their floating home as part of the family. Service with a smile comes naturally to them. They form the heart and soul of our two boats while taking extremely good care of you on board as well as in the water. They are well trained in all safety measures and local knowledge is invaluable.


We visit all the diving highlights of Southern Thailand, both vessels roam the Andaman Sea year-round on varied itineraries. Our highlight itinerary is diving the Similan & Surin islands during the season from mid-October to mid-May, while also venturing into the waters southeast of Phuket year round.

According to some, Koh Lipe, Hin Muang and Hin Daeng in the south offer some of the best diving in Thailand. These parts of the Andaman Sea are generally uncrowded. This makes for spectacular diving amidst pristine gorgeous soft corals, overhangs and swim throughs, healthy fish life and occasional whale shark and manta encounters.

The Phinisi offers a special itinerary encompassing both highlights. Aptly named: The Best of Thailand, on this 10-night liveaboard cruise, you are guaranteed to experience the best diving in Thailand.

Conservation and other projects

We take conservation seriously and have embarked on various projects while partnering with both Oceans For All Foundation on a Leopard Shark Project as well as an Annual Manta Trust expedition or two.

We also regularly visit and donate to the nomadic people of the Surin islands while allowing our guests to visit the islands.


Read more about the projects here:


To wrap it up, all the above reasons combined make The Junk Liveaboards the best liveaboard experience in Thailand. Would you like to know more about us? Take a look on our website: or visit our schedule and rates page to find your preferred dates.

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Second Leopard Shark Expedition with Oceans For All aboard The Phinisi

Following the successful first Leopard Shark Expedition in April this year, The Junk Liveaboards and Oceans For All are very excited to welcome you on board The Phinisi for the second Leopard/Zebra Shark Expedition. Dates to block in your agenda: 10-14 March 2022. This 4 night Expedition starts in Phuket and heads southwards exploring the areas of Phi Phi, Hin Muang, Hin Daeng and Koh Haa. The main goal of this Expedition is to assess the situation regarding leopard/zebra sharks in the Southern Andaman.

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Luctor et emergo – How The Junk Liveaboards sailed through Covid times and beyond

When Covid 19 became known to the world late in 2019, no one could have suspected the immense impact this pandemic would have on countless economies and industries worldwide. One of the most affected sectors is tourism: both international and domestic. This is mainly due to national governments closing their borders and implementing lockdowns to stop the spreading of the virus.

Scuba diving, as part of tourism, was hit very hard, also in Thailand. Many dive operators closed their doors and a lot of people employed in the dive industry were forced to go home as there was simply no work to be found.

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Thai government bans reef damaging sunscreen – Going green is the way forward

The entire diving community in Thailand heartily welcomed some uplifting news last week. The Thai government declared that all sunscreens containing harmful chemical substances for coral reefs are banned from all marine national parks nationwide. The government based their decision on scientific data showcasing these chemicals “deteriorate coral reefs, destroy coral larvae, obstruct their reproductive system and cause coral reef bleaching.” The ban applies to sun lotions containing oxybenzone, octinoxate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor or butylparaben. Violations of the ban can lead to a steep fine (max 100,000 THB or 3,000 USD), although officials have not said how they plan to enforce the ban. Thailand is not the first country to introduce such a ban: Palau, Hawaii, and France were earlier trendsetters.

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Sea Snake Shenanigans

Almost 70 different known species of sea snakes roam around our oceans and they usually get to be about 2 meters long. They are equipped with paddle-like tails and many have laterally compressed bodies that give them an eel-like appearance. However, unlike eels, sea snakes don’t have gills and must regularly swim to the surface to breathe. Despite their (in)famous potent venom, sea snakes are generally very mild-tempered and will not bite unless provoked. Best to watch their beauty from a safe distance!

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