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    including High Rock, Black Rock, Tower Rock, Shark Cave,Sea Fan Forest and Torres Island

Diving Myanmar (Burma)

The following is a sample itinerary of where you might dive during your holiday with us. We wish to show you the very best diving but a number of factors can determine where we visit. Weather, tides, how busy a site is with other dive vessels all play a part in the Cruise Director’s decision of which route the yacht takes. The safety of all on board is paramount and we always do our best in offering diving at alternate locations. The Cruise Director is happy to listen to requests from guests to visit or remain at certain sites and providing it is possible and the schedule allows, then guest’s requests are respected.

Myanmar Itinerary – The Phinisi

7 & 10 nights

Departs / Returns:  Ranong port

We dive the following sites*:

  • High Rock
  • North and South Twin
  • Captain’s Rock
  • Black Rock
  • Tower Rock
  • Torres Island

7 night itinerary
10 night itinerary
Manta Trust 7 night Itinerary On Board Extras

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*Trip itinerary subject to change without prior notice.

Hawkesbill Turtle - The Similan Islands
Similan Islands -Diver and Coral
Thailand diver on liveaboard
Bula! Fijians singing
Whalesharks in the Similans!
Similans wreck, Batfish and DIver
North and South Twin & Captain’s Rock Site

North and South Twin & Captain’s Rock

Strong currents bring with them teams of schooling fish and with superb visibility the atmosphere on the reef at North Twin is breathtaking. Hard corals have seen damage from the rise in water temperature but soft corals adorn the reef and bring vibrancy.

In South Twin we can expect to see an abundance of moray eels, harlequin sweetlips and cuttlefish.

Captain’s Rock, otherwise known as Bowie Rock, is a sloping reef with huge soft coral covered boulders. Sweetlips, barracuda, a variety of angel fish and many smaller creatures including devil scorpion fish, pipe fish, shrimps and flabellina nudibranchs can be found all over the reef. Mantas may also been seen here.

Shark Cave aka Three Islets Sites

Shark Cave aka Three Islets

All around this site, marine life is extremely rich and diverse. There are three different rocky islets with vertical walls as well as sloping reef. Many areas are populated with fields of anemones, which are home to five different species of anemone fish. Elsewhere, large tubastrea coral trees sprout from the rocky terrain, accompanied by crinoids, gorgonian fans and pastel green rope sponge. Tiger tail sea horses are often encountered on the deep edges of the slope, as are many varieties of morays – often several species in the same hole. Cuttlefish may be found at nearly any depth, sometimes courting and mating. Ornate ghost pipe fish, cowrie shells, octopus, reef squid, jaw fish, porcelain crabs, long nose pipe fish, and mantis shrimps are often seen at this site. Scorpion fish are very abundant, so be careful where you place your hands! Between the three pinnacles and surrounding bottom, Shark Cave easily lends itself to several dives to enjoy the diversity of the reef and to marvel in the chasm of the Shark Cave! Nurse sharks can be found lurking inside the cavern along with marble rays, ghost pipefish and plenty of other fascinating creatures, including blue ribbon eels.

Eastward sites

Eastward sites

Sites on the eastern side of the islands tend to be sand covered fringing reefs predominantly made up of hard coral. The reef plateau’s are around 5-10 metres deep and from here you have gentle slopes heading down to the reef edge at around 20-25m. The Eastern sides of the Similans also tend to have more gentle currents. This makes the Eastern dive sites ideal for both divers of all levels and snorkelers too. On Eastern sites you can expect to see a huge variety of coral reef fish. On sand passes look out for garden eels, blue-spot mask rays and the endemic blue-spot jaw fish. Specials include harlequin and robust ghost pipefish, short pouch pygmy pipehorses and hawksbill turtles.

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