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Top 8 Reasons to Dive Thailand’s Andaman Sea in January

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Top 8 Reasons to Dive Thailand’s Andaman Sea in January

Thailand’s Andaman Sea is a paradise for scuba divers, offering a wide variety of marine life, beautiful coral reefs, and other underwater features to explore. There are the Similan & Surin Islands to investigate to the North-West, and also dive spots such as Koh Haa and Koh Lipe to the South-East.

If you’re considering a diving trip to the Andaman Sea, January is perfect. In this article, we’ll explore the top 8 reasons why you should consider diving in the Andaman Sea in January.


Dive Thailand's Andaman Sea in JanuaryTop 8 reasons to dive Thailand’s Andaman Sea in January

  1. Warm water temperatures: The water temperatures in the Andaman Sea in January are typically warm and comfortable, hovering between 28-29°C (82-84°F). This makes it an ideal time to go diving, as you won’t need to worry about getting too cold while in the water. We generally recommend a 3mm shorty wetsuit, although people diving in just board shorts and a rash vest is not unheard of.

2. Good visibility: January is typically a great time for diving in the Andaman Sea, as the water tends to be clear and the visibility is up to 20m. This allows you to see a wide variety of marine life more clearly and take incredible photos.

3. Abundant marine life: The Andaman Sea is home to a wide variety of marine life, including tropical fish, hard and soft corals, as well as other marine creatures. Diving at this time of year offers more opportunities to see these animals enjoying their natural habitat.

4. Beautiful coral reefs: The Andaman Sea is known for its beautiful coral reefs, which are home to a wide variety of hard and soft corals of all colours and shapes. Increased visibility offers the best view of all that is to be seen below.

5. Opportunity to see whale sharks: January is a great time to go diving in the Andaman Sea if you want to see whale sharks, as they are more likely to be found in the area at this time of year, usually between Jan and April.

Dive Thailand's Andaman Sea in January6. Great weather: The weather in Thailand is generally very pleasant, with temperatures ranging from around 25-32°C (77-90°F) with relatively low humidity. It is sunny and dry, which makes it the perfect time to enjoy everything outdoors.

7. Fewer crowds: It is typically a little quieter time for tourism in Thailand, albeit still within ‘high season’ meaning that you may have a better chance of avoiding crowds post-festive season and enjoying a more peaceful diving experience.

8. Wide variety of dive sites: The Andaman Sea offers a great number of dive sites to explore, including shipwrecks, coral reefs, and numerous underwater features. With all Marine Parks open, diving in January allows you to pick and choose the areas which interest you most.


Overall, the Andaman Sea in Thailand is an incredible destination for diving any time of year, however, January offers a unique combination of warm water temperatures, good visibility, abundant marine life, beautiful coral reefs, and a heightened opportunity to see whale sharks and mantas. In addition, the weather in Thailand in January is generally pleasant, sunny and dry, there is a slight dip in overall tourist numbers, yet you will still get all of the ‘high season’ benefits.


With so much to offer, diving in the Andaman Sea in January is an experience you won’t want to miss!