Terms & Conditions

Please be sure that you have read our terms and conditions before confirming your cruise

Terms and Conditions

Please visit the Blue O Two website to view the terms and conditions.


Corona Clause

Our standard Terms and Conditions apply.

If you cannot travel due to Covid-19, we will honour the monies paid to us and move the booking to a later date. For this to be applicable, one of the following must apply:

  1. You have contracted the virus within 30 days to departure and can provide medical evidence to support this
  2. OR Within 14 days to departure, your final destination country prevents you from entering due to their governmental guidelines and restrictions on your country of residence
  3. OR Within 14 days to departure, your country of residence prevents you from departing due to their governmental guidelines and restrictions on the embarkation point for the liveaboard

If any of the above do not apply, it is your responsibility to get yourself to the point of embarkation.

The ‘Corona Clause’ can be removed at any time.