Our Option Policy

As has always been the case, Worldwide Dive & Sail can offer exclusivity on an agreed number of spaces (an option), without deposit, for a pre-determined amount of time.

Option Policy

This allows clients to advertise and garner interest on these spaces, whether commercially or to friends and fellow divers. We have now formalised this policy across the board so there is clarity for all parties.

The period of time WWDAS will allow options to be held is based on the departure date*

  • More than 540 days from departure date: up to 10 weeks exclusivity
  • Between 540 – 270 days from departure date: up to 6 weeks exclusivity
  • Between 269 – 180 days from departure date: up to 4 weeks exclusivity
  • Between 179 – 90 days from departure date: up to 1 week exclusivity
  • Within 89 days from departure date: up to 48 hours exclusivity
*Note that the length of initial option given is at the discretion of WWDAS and may not always be offered to the maximum term, depending on circumstances.

The given period should be used to promote the trip and clarify any queries that you may have. WWDAS will maintain a dialogue through the option period in order to be sure that all parties are comfortable with the potential booking. Once you have decided to go ahead with the booking, payment of the deposit will be required immediately on receipt of the invoice to assure confirmation.

Options may be held on other travel products outside of the cruise itself, however, note that the duration of exclusivity on these products will be determined by the supplier. WWDAS has no control over the length of options that other suppliers are willing to offer.