Advanced Open Water Diver

The majority of the course is practical in nature, which enables you to gain invaluable hands-on underwater experience, dive deeper and enjoy a wider range of dive sites that might not be suitable for Open-water level divers. There is a small amount of reading involved but what better place to study than the sun deck of a luxury liveaboard? A far cry from a stuffy classroom!

Stage one:

The Advanced course includes 2 dives that are compulsory:

  • Deep Dive
    This dive will bring you down to 30 metres and focuses on experiencing the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis, how colour changes underwater and show you a wider variety of marine life that live at these depths. For the dive regions that we visit this deep dive experience is essential.
  • Navigation Dive
    During this dive you will learn how to use a compass and natural forms of navigation and orientation so that in the future you will be self-reliant to dive just with your buddy instead of a group

Stage two:

complete your course by picking any 3 of these dives:

  • Drift Dive
    Learn some simple techniques that allow you to drift effortlessly along with the currents and finish the dive deploying your surface marker before you ascend safely to the waiting boat.
  • Night Dive
    The underwater world is completely different at night! Experience the glowing phosphorescence as you turn off your torch, follow the hunting giant barracudas, find lobsters, dancing durban shrimps and decorator crabs.
  • Naturalist Dive
    Intensify your knowledge of fish and corals as we will teach you all about underwater life from Southeast Asia and around the world.
  • Multilevel Dive
    In this dive you will learn how to use the ‘Wheel’ and/or Dive Computer effectively, which will enable you to increase your bottom time as you calculate your dives more accurately and safely.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
    Improve your buoyancy, breathing efficiency and learn how to streamline your body and dive gear correctly. Highly recommended, as you will  get the most out of your holiday by making your dives longer, more enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Wreck Diving
    Explore intriguing boat wrecks both new and very old that have been laying at the bottom of the ocean and have served as an artificial reef to a variety of fish and coral specimens.